Beingness prior to doingness

Photo: Primož Potočnik

Beingness prior to doingness.
Blissful beauty prior to doing,
learning, healing, growing,
connecting, becoming …
never a subject to or affected
by the contents of doingness.
The stillness prior to that.

Prior to ‘me’ there is life.
The ‘me’ has no life. Life has ‘me’.
That which is only an illusion
of the self-reflective
property of awareness.
But, hey, it’s nothing there.
The awareness is aware of itself
and there’s nothing more to it.
There is no ‘me’ behind the scene
being aware of ‘me’.

It’s only life happening.
To no one, to nobody.
So there’s nothing to do.
Relaxing into non-interference.
Let life do its job,
for no one,
for no apparent reason.
Just being. Available.

No need to sit still when
life is about to take action.
No need for action when
life is about to be still.

The natural flow of
life expressing itself,
leading nowhere,
and so soon disappearing
back into raw beingness.

And prior to beingness …
The weird landscapes prior to …
Where nothing happens …
And nothing is …

– – – – –
by Primož Potočnik