Soul’s Calling

Do you hear the call of the Soul,it’s whispering, so gentle and subtle,yet so radiant and intoxicating. Hidden behind the wall of voicesof this world, so loud and sticky,so easy to be mistaken forthe true voice of the soul. Calling back, calling home,through the landscapes of form,progressively more subtle and transparent,until reaching the blacknessof the… Continue reading Soul’s Calling


Follow your soul’s callto embrace the Realityand realize that it is reallynot the call of your Soul.It never was. But rather the call ofthe darkness deep thereburied under the layersof meaningless glittering ofthe stories which never areand never wereanything but the hollowbreeze gently sweepingacross the empty landscapes. So void is your true selfso beautifully transparentto… Continue reading Unbecoming

Bound to Be

The active side of Infinity – Beingness – is encoded to be.Its main task is to be and to sustain and continue to be.This is how all this is encoded, that’s how we are encoded.The universe is universally encoded with this kind of gravity. So we are, encoded with the gravity to be,to sustain the… Continue reading Bound to Be

Beingness prior to doingness

Beingness prior to doingness.Blissful beauty prior to doing,learning, healing, growing,connecting, becoming …never a subject to or affectedby the contents of doingness.The stillness prior to that. Prior to ‘me’ there is life.The ‘me’ has no life. Life has ‘me’.That which is only an illusionof the self-reflectiveproperty of awareness.But, hey, it’s nothing there.The awareness is aware of… Continue reading Beingness prior to doingness

Great Seal, Great Perfection

Just a tiny blossomin the vast fields of infinityavailable and readyalready being touchedby the light of theGREAT SEAL. This burningso fatal yet liberatingfrom inside outfrom outside incan you find the direction? There’s no wayno movementno directionno nothing. Yet the way opensspontaneouslythrough the burningof the heart. Offering itselfavailable and readyto receive the raysof nothingness andthe touch… Continue reading Great Seal, Great Perfection