Connecting to the Consciousness of Christ


An open heart, a shining heart, a heart hugging this world.
The rays of light are spreading around. A smile of bliss.
Blinding light. The shining blinding light.
It invites us into this heart, this heart, the source of this light.
And as we get closer, that light gets stronger.
And it beams us up and dissolves us.
We’re stepping into that big heart and dissolving.
She’s like a divine mint. We’re entering this place.
And everything that’s not pure light is falling apart.
We’re leaving this behind, dissolving, everything’s falling off.
We’re getting pure light. Refining.
We’re entering this point of light.

It’s like a white hole, not a black hole, but a white hole. Source and sink.
The source of the infinite light that beams everything, dissolves everything, purifys everything.
Leave it to that light. No hesitation, no doubt.
We are engulfed in this light, we are stepping into this divine flame.
Supple, open. No looking back. We’re falling apart.
We leave behind anything that’s not pure light.

The love of Christ. Endless fields. Joys. Suffering. Laughter.
The depths of the soul. The diversity of life. Bubbly, tinge.
I’m all this. I’m all it is.
All it is is that light.
Son of God. Stretching. Expansion. A embrace of divine light.
Limitless presence. A motionless presence, like a rock.
Something that always is. Before the start of time and after the end of time.
Solid as a rock.

A dazzling presence. Angel wings, angel presence.
A family of spiritual guides, light creatures.
What a diversity. What beauty.
Priests, guards, guardians of this place.
The holy place of the heart of Jesus.
The space of maximum vulnerability and sensitivity.
A place where everything opens up.
Nothing can stay hidden. It’s all revealed.

We receive this heart as a gift.
Each of us is offered this heart.
To accept him in; And this heart accepts us in.
It invites us into this opening, into this love.

A light heart offered in the hands of a master.
Offered to accept it in to make it our heart.
While the old heart collapses into dust, everything is falling apart.
And it opens up a place where we accept this light heart.
And let this light heart beat in our being.
Now the light from our insides, the cardiac
energy, the bright heart energy beams our creature.
And that heart is beating in us now.

My heart is pure light. It’s never been different.
It’s the source and sink of everything.
Bleeding heart. It’s a sentient heart.
The tears of the heart are watering this world, cleaning it, purifying it.
Share that heart forward.

Get into your being. Take your heart into your palms and forward it.
Give your heart. Give it to everyone.
Open heart, vulnerable. Give yourself away.
That light heart, that’s you. Give yourself away. Open, vulnerable.
He offers his heart in his hands.
Let the world ingest it. Let him do whatever he wants with him.
Without hesitation, offer your heart.
Let him feed the hungry. All the lost spirits, so hungry for light.
Breaking your heart, your light enters them.
Never really yours. Received.

Witness the miracle.
While the hungry spirits ingest your heart from your palms, feel the light heart beating in your chest now
even bigger, even stronger.
As the heart in your hands disappears,
your heart inside you is getting bigger, ever brighter.
And you can take it back in your palms and offer it.
And you feel how by giving, you’re receiving infinitely more.
Bright, light energy fills you.
Your heart is getting bigger, brighter.
You dissipe in this light of heart, in this vastness of divine energy.
It’s with joy that you feel your body disappear in pure light.
How you’re becoming this explosion of light, these rays of light.
Your hands are now beaming of light.
You’re getting sun. Light heart. The shining sun.
Infinite energy. Glow glow. Radiant love.
Divine fire. That’s you. That’s you.
Remember, you just have to remember.
Activate that memory. Remember who you are.
Go deeper back, into the depths of your being.
Deeper than you’ve ever reached, you dared to reach.
Remember who you are.

Juiciness. A taste of diversity, bliss, expansion into the integrity of life,
hugging that integrity. The southness of life.
Endless diversity, colourfulness. And it glows in this white light.
A spiritual family.
All celebrate, spiritual guides, angels, heavenly beings, celebration.
The shedding of light. A lot of joy and joy.
The light river is spilling down. Waterfalls of light. Redundancy.
Jesus Christ, king, hosts all light creatures at his dinner.
Offer your heart and feed with it, and feed all the light creatures with it.

Jesus rises into the sky. Against your star. He’s saying good-bye.
It rises into pure light.
It’s dissipation in pure light, it’s getting that light.
The whole place is becoming a living light.
It’s just light. It’s all light.
There’s nothing that’s not light.
Oneness. Everything becomes one.