Determination and softness


Warmth. A gentle hug. A embrace of angel energy.
We gently embrace you, gently wave our energy over your being.
We dissolve the pieces of sorrow, clean your creature, caress you.
We caress you with our energy, with our love.
We’re ing for you with golden hair. We wave, we dance, we dance.
We celebrate, we rejoice with you, we can flow you with our energy.
We’re releasing sparks, sparks, the stinging of our light.
Like star rain, our light sparks fall on you through your body.
They’re enlightening you, they’re reheasing you. Bliss, bliss, feel bliss.
Sparks fall over your body and activate you, leaving behind a bright trail.

Ground edity. Take care of grounding, for perfect grounding.
This contact with the earth. Like a rock, firm, firm, stand in place, on the ground. Focus.
Solid as a rock, activate your masculinity, your center, your energy, your power, your inner strength.
You need that inner strength to face future challenges.
Go full, full on your vision, your inspiration, create, channel.
Create your own center that you so want. It’s all open, it’s open.
To do that, you need a solid foundation and activate your strong energy, your masculine strong energy.
Activate the warrior within you. And this one rests in loving energy.
All this is surrounded by loving energy, loving energy. Heart and loving energy.

Blokes. The determination of the warrior and the softness.
That kind of softness, everything you touch, touch with such softness, with tenderness.
You don’t hurt anything, you don’t hurt anybody.
Strong and soft. Keywords. DETERMINATION AND SOFTNESS.
Like a feather, light as a feather. Angel pen.
With angel feathers, we now smgest your face and caress you.
We give you our energy, our softness.

Let your angel wings be unsheeded.
Feel your own feathers, feathers of softness, tenderness.
Soften, soften, soften. Allow yourself that softness.
Maybe you don’t allow yourself enough to have that softness, let the softness spread out in your being.
You’re going to open up even more, you’re going to channel, you’re going to open your own center.
You’re going to round up a group of people, your little family. Connect, connect.

We’re around you, feeling our presence and our softness.
We give you our softness. Feel that angelic softness in you.
Assimilit that softness. Spread it out as much as you can through your body.
Through your spirit, through your heart, open your heart, open up, open.
Let it all flow, feel that fluidity, fluidity.
Everything is energy, everything is flowing, there is no physical, everything is flowing, it’s just energy.
Be a magician of that energy. Stream, flow.

Crystals, beautiful crystals. Face the crystals.
The crystals support you like some kind of lens focusing energy.
Amethyst. You can enter the crystal, travel over the crystal, travel to us.
It’s like a portal. You travel across the crystal and say goodbye to your materiality.
You feel your energy, your energy nature, your inasuthing.
The core of who you are. Shining energy, shining light.

Water, running water. Rinsing, water ing down your body.
Open up to this water, let it snail your body, feel this movement, this beauty of fluidity.
Enjoy that quality and accept it into your being.
Stinging water on your body. Hugging water on your body.
Feel this love of water hugging you, sm000 on you, and embrace your body with gentle snail.
In a loving embrace, so is our energy, as this water smaling next to you, we embrace you.
You can feel us, our nature is the same. We gently sming next to you, hugging you.
You can feel that energy, you can connect to that energy.
Be that kind of energy yourself. When you touch life, gently as water, pour it, pour it.
Like water, as a warrior, you are focused in your gravity against your intent, your purpose.
But you’re pol like water. Just like water always downstream in the direction of its intention, gravity.
It’s 700 times. That’s how you smse and run towards your goal.
Determined, but completely soft, completely soft.

Softness of a fluffy pen. So responsive to the smallest blast of wind.
He’s going around and dancing, dancing to these air force.
So you also invent your sensitivity, sensibility, energy sensibility.
Feel our light forces and you can dance to that energy.
Like a fluffy feather, you respond, move and dance to our wonderful energy.
You’re responding, without resistance, completely without resistance.
The slightest blast of light energy takes you into this movement, into this fluidity, like water, like a fluffy feather.
Because it only completely opens your heart. The whole creature softens, and then the heart can open more.
There’s no armor around, no defense, just that softness, the softness, the opening.
Feel how you’re connected like a soft feather to your heart, your heart’s icing.
And your whole being is now that soft.

We’re sending you our softness. Your loving energy, your light.
We love you. We send you our blessings.
We’re letting them into you like light rings.