Alja Petric

The voice from within that tuned and changed my world.


Once an architect, now a singer, teacher and versatile researcher.

After graduating in architecture, I focused my life on researching musical art, performing in concerts, leading individual and group sound-music workshops, teaching singing and therapeutic work with sound. While studying jazz singing and pedagogy at the Private University of Gustav Mahler in Klagenfurt, I took part in various trainings on the topic of sound therapy and the therapeutic use of the voice. I deepened my knowledge and experience by studying at the Peter Hess® Academy (Peter Hess® Academy) in Zagreb and obtained the title “Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner”.

In my artistic musical work, I paid attention mainly to the interpretation of the musical tradition of world cultures, projects of music poetry and jazz music. In the last period, however, I am mainly inspired by the atmosphere and sonority of music, as well as modern approaches in creation.

I teach my musical knowledge and experience in the form of individual lessons and group workshops on the topic of vocal technique, correct breathing, creating support, feeling the voice, intuitive singing and improvisation. In my work, I try to act sincerely and follow valuable experiences, which are the result of many years of creation in music and teaching.

Areas of operation:

  • Artistic creation, concerts/performances
  • Group sound meditations, sound massages, individual treatments
  • Individual singing lessons, group voice workshops, music workshops for children


I perform sound massages and individual treatments in Studio POTOP by appointment. Additional information and reservations::