Špela Peterlin – Nayeli

Špela Peterlin – Nayeli is a university graduate psychologist, dancer and contact improvisation teacher and founder of the Moave Society – psychology in motion.
In Studio POTOP, she performs individual psychotherapeutic sessions and, as a loving host by heart, holds the space for the personal processes of the individual and the group.

‘I’m learning about myself through my body and exploring my mental content. I’m a passionate researcher of everything that moves my inner landscape and enriches me.
For me, the greatest teacher is nature, which represents the anchor of my embodiment and my inspiration for sharing somatic practices and psychological skills.

POTOP (the dive) represents a symbolic form of travel, through the mental and physical dimensions through which I touch my essence. The journeys on which I discover who I really am and how I want to work in the world, to be fully fulfilled, and to bring in those pieces of the puzzle that are part of my gifts to the world.”

You can read more about Nayeli and her work at:
ter www.moave.si