Primož Potočnik

Primož Potočnik (photo Vesna Vilar)

Life intertwined between science, contemplation of consciousness, various movement practices and journeys into the flowing elements of nature.

SCIENCE – As a research associate of the Laboratory of Synergetics, I have been for over two decades working in the field of artificial neural networks, machine learning and various applications (bibliography).

CONTEMLATION – At the same time, since my high school years, I have been immersed in contemplative awareness research. In a research spirit, I experimented with numerous shaman techniques and modern neuro-technologies: fire walking, rebirthing, trance-dance, binaural sounds, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, natural power medicines, dark retreat, fasting, lucid dreaming, channeling, mindfulness. I attended many contemplative retreats abroad and studied primarily with Western nondual teachers (A.H. Almaas, Francis Lucille, Aisha Pema Salem, Adyashanti, …). In recent years, I have been retreating into my own contemplative practice and enjoying spontaneous opening into the subtle dimensions of being. I have completed most of my contemplative training in environments that do not award any certificates, and among the few exceptions I have certificates of education: Gateway Voyage (Monroe Institute), Trance-dance facilitator (Wilbert Alix), Timeline Healing (Sal Rachele), Channelling Celestial Inspiration (Tjaša Dorelay).

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MOVEMENT – I have also been engaged in various movement practices for many years and have been researching contemporary dance, contact improvisation, capoeira, butoh, Argentinian tango, play-fight, trance dance and ecstatic dance. In between, expeditions into nature took place every year; on foot, by bike, with a windsurf, kayak, sailboat. With an innovative sailing kayak, I travelled a few times across the Adriatic sea, then similarly with a small open catamaran, and later with a small 5-metre sailboat (Seascape 18). There was also some ocean sailing in between. The water elements and vastness of the sea and rivers (photo gallery) have always been my inspiration and wonderful support for all internal processes.

BOOK– I collected parts of my experiences and insights in a book: Dreaming, waking up and falling into Being. A scientist‘s adventures and explorations of consciousness (2022)

BLOG – I also occasionally publish contributions on a blog.

PRACTICE – In a Studio POTOP, I hold the evenings of the contemplative practice DIVE into the natural state – practice of clarity, presence, spaciousness and silence.

SESSIONS – Through individual sessions, I am available to support anyone on the path of opening up and awakening the hidden potentials of our integrity.

Contact: +386-31-239-453,