Primož Potočnik

Primož Potočnik (photo Vesna Vilar)

A life of expanding into the unfathomable, falling into the heart of consciousness, exploring science and contemplative exploration of consciousness, in movement, nature and silence.

Immersed in the contemplative exploration of consciousness for many years. I participated in many contemplative retreats abroad and studied primarily with Western nondual teachers (A.H. Almaas, Francis Lucille, Aisha Pema Salem, Adyashanti, …), and received teachings of the Kashmiri tantric tradition (Daniel Odier) and Dzogchen (Keith Dowman).

I enjoy movement, through many movement practices, nautical innovations (Viroga Sailing Kayak), and regularly enjoy (expedition / contemplative) trips to nature (photo gallery).

I also devote myself to writing (Dreaming, waking up and falling into Being), translating boutique contemplative literature (Dzogchen nonmeditation) and occasional publications (Blog).

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In a Studio POTOP, I support the contemplative practice DIVE into the natural state, spaciousness and silence. I am also available for individual sessions for personal support on the path of opening and awakening the hidden potentials of our integrity.

T: +386-31-239-453