Vesna Vilar

For 20 years, I have been extensively exploring the capabilities of the body and using the body as an entry into mystical dimensions, as a multi-dimensional tool and for entering freedom. My journey is an endless record of the unknown through my body.

I worked with Kundalini’s energy, studied with the best Trance Dance teacher Wilbert Alix, with my husband we performed ritual performance Šivarašašu with poetry and dance energy flow mainly through spontaneous expression of dervish whirling dance, I drank from tantra teacher Daniel Odier, who is transmitting the wisdom of Tandava – the dance with the cosmos, worked with teachers of nondualism and through them learned various possible realizations.

Lately, I’ve been working mainly with streams of divine qualities streaming through my body. That’s how I realized what I call mystical sensing and “serving by being.”

Because I perceive every moment as always alive, fresh and unknown, I feel an aversion to systemization and methods. That’s why meeting with me is always a meeting with an unknown. I trust the internal leadership to make our meeting happen in the highest potential, in a deep presence, and there is a full availability of my experience and knowledge. We will travel through your body into fluidity, liberation, and into the taste of the divine.

I am available to support or assist you in various processes of opening and exploring mystical depths:

  • support in the resolution of contractions in the body;
  • support in understanding reality (and where is your assemblage point of consciousness);
  • support in the activation of different aspects of reality (anatomy of reality);
  • a safe space for the processes to be unwrapped;
  • to connect with your only reliable teacher – who is in you.

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