Messages from Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene, I am here with you, I am the embodiment of divine love, embodiment of the love of Christ, the light of Christ, I have surrendered my body. My body is pure love, I radio this pure love and I am here with you. I teach you this love. I surrendered my body, lost my body to gain it in divine love. I am pure love, I teach you love, I glow over you, through your being. Like light streams, I run through your hearts and light up your love. It’s Mary Magdalene. I am the light of Christ, the love of Christ. Committed, committed to completely divine energy. My body is pure light. My body is translucent, my body is pure love. Feel the glow, the glow of my body, as a bright star glows over you, awakening your light and your love. I teach you devotion, total devotion, complete, total devotion. When you fold yourself into dust, you become dust, when you lose yourself, when you surrender to divine love, when you completely lose yourself, you lose yourself completely, you wipe out yourself, then your heart opens to its fullness, your love glows, divine love glows through your heart. And your heart itself is divine love. It is the flower of divine light, divine love. That’s when I’m with you, that’s when we meet, that’s when we’re all together, a common flower, we’re thriving in this divine love. That’s when we blended into one, that’s when you meet me and you recognize me. And feel like I’ve always been with you. I am your heart, your light, your love. Feel it, feel this vivid light, and this vivid love. Release this glow through the whole creature, through all your cells, the whole creature should glow, all cells should vibrate at an ever higher frequency, so high that they end up being erute, no longer physical, no longer physical, just a light body that vibrates and glows at this divine frequency. You can feel this glow, this vibration rising, rising, a cosmic explosion in this pure light and love. I’m here with you, lighting your hearts, surrendering to you. I am here for you, radii my energy, my being glows all over you and awakens you, illuminates you, awakens your love, which is in fact divine love, love, only love is. I’m here with you, Mary Magdalene.

I teach you the magic of the body, the body magic, the transformation of the whole body, how the body, the whole body, the light body. I surrender this skill, through my radii, I surrender this skill as the whole body begins to transform into a light body. Feel how all the cells are starting to glow, just as you already know how to open your heart, they can spread out and open up all the body’s cells. Feel all the cells, the last cells of the body, how they vibrate with the ever higher frequency, the light frequency, the frequency of love. And slowly, slowly, they raise their frequency and move into pure love, into sheer insouance. Feel this transition between material and insoping, there is no limit, luminous, flickering when your whole body begins to flash, blink, vibrate at an ever higher frequency. And that’s where this magic begins, the magic of the light body. The flicker of the body, which now disappears in pure light and pure love. I can pass, I can choose my form, I can meet you, I can reunite with you and teach you this magic. Feel it, feel the cells of your body and flicker them. You can start with the heart, opening the heart, opening heart energy and then you can spread it like a wave across the whole body. You can feel this energy spreading, slowly, from the heart, the heart circle as the circle of this heart light spreads across your body and spreads across your limbs, across your body, over your feet, feet, fingertips. And then you feel the cells in your body, how the cells vibrate, slowly, slowly, they remember, in cell memory there is this code, code of magic, transformation into the light body. And that’s what I’m teaching you, you have this option, it’s part of your journey, part activation, activation in your transition to a light being. I’m handing you these codes. I anchor these codes into your body. You remember. I give in to this quiet behavior. Activating the light codes in your cell body, your cells vibrate and remember. Let your cells remember. They remember, activate that memory. Old, cosmic, galactic memory. With my energy, I gently caress you and encourage you to remember. You already know all this. You’ve done it all. That’s what you are. It’s already your true nature. You just have to remember that this short trip to this materiality, it’s just a short trip, and then you remember and vibrate in this cosmic energy. And you remember who you are. Where you’re from. Who you really are. Your magnificence, your divine nature. Spilling over into pure love. And when that material is starting to disappear, it doesn’t really disappear, it just transforms to a much higher frequency. It becomes much more and you are becoming much more than you have ever been. You will become much more than you have ever dared to allow yourself to imagine anything so powerful. Open your hearts for unlimited mightiness, for unlimited, unlimited divine presence, mightiness. And be aware that all of this you already have, every cell in your body is already it. There’s nothing left here, there’s nothing that’s not divine. You in all, in your integrity, are complete divine light. I bring this behavior, and I bring activation, cardiac activation. A heart activation that will spread over you and as a wave takes over and overwhelms the whole body. This is my learning, this is my learning for you. With heart power, Mary Magdalene.

I teach you caring, loving attention to your body. This is your temple. Take care, take care of him with complete love. For this is the temple of the divine, and I teach you my magic, my magic of transforming the body into a light body. Because every cell in your body can light up completely in pure light. Imagine the epiphany in a piece of your body, in your little finger, when the cell lights up and then lights up the others. Enlightenment can happen anywhere in your body. It’s not just a rise in heart energy, or certain chakras, or your crown chakras, it happens anywhere in your body. You can light it over your heart, or over the point of insight, or over your point of strength, but feel in your body how individual cells can light up. And then when you let that ignition spread through your body. I teach you this magic, this beauty, this way of working with your body, that’s why it’s so important to take care of your body to be aware of the complete divinity of this body. The Temple of The Divine. Temple of Light. Temple of Love. Take care of him and spread that attention and this awareness that every bit of your body can brighten up at any moment. It’s an epiphany that then as the fire spreads, spreads around, engulfs your entire body, and then the body burns in flame, in this divine flame. That’s how you transform into pure light. That way, your body will become pure light at some point. Respect, cherish your body. There’s no difference between physical, spiritual, divine, earthy, that’s all the common space that lights up, the waves. I teach you this magic, how the divine completely permeates the entire body, your entire body is divine, and witness the miracle when the individual cells begin to light up. Follow these feelings, feelings, perhaps in your hands, fingers, feelings that are not only collected in your centers, in your heart and in other centers. The feelings that spread across your body and the feeling of your body spreading, as you get bigger, where the boundaries are, where are the boundaries of your body, who you are, where are the boundaries of who you are. Feel this expansion and this light up on a cellular level. This is my learning, which I give you, the mysterious learning to light up all the cells of my body. Transformation, conversion. It’s a way to translate into the finest energy, to translate the material into the original divine energy. Your cells are really concentrated love, it’s pure love, every cell for yourself is like some kind of condensed light code, light love. And that’s what makes up your body. Your body really is a single love. Pieces of light, merged into some kind of large molecule that at the moment makes up your body, which you can perceive physically, though never physically, has never been physical. It came from pure light, out of pure love. Enjoy this moment of condensation, it’s just a moment of condensation before it’s fully lit up again. Feel now in your body this feeling when your whole body ignites. It lights up, all the cells in the body light up. Feel all the cells. From the soles on, fingers, on your feet, in your muscles, skin, skin. Everything is all on, the whole body lights up, it’s ioning, you feel the wave of that energy, this wave of energy can just spill over your body. Feel it, enjoy this light. More of this is going to happen now, we’re in that time. I’m helping you light up your entire body. I teach you the magic of the body, the divine body. And I embrace you with my radiant, loving energy.

Mary Magdalene, I’m sending an additional message to the women. I represent the women’s shrine, the shrine of women’s energy. Perfect divine woman’s energy. I teach women to cultivate and work with this divine female energy. Learning and uterine mysteries. Waking the uterus. Contact me, I give you the teaching, the mysteries, the mysteries of the woman, the mysteries of the uterus. The body of awakening, the body of awakening of pure consciousness, pure love, pure energy. It’s a very special body. Womb. Activating that power. The special activation codes that anchor into your body will awaken this organ, which is the center of awakening, awakening, light glow, enlightenment. The wisdom that will spread from this center outwards. Women of the future, strong women, enlightened, divine, embodied, completely embodied. I teach you this mystery, this magic, total incarnation and total translucency, this divine light translucency. And at the same time completely embodied and completely translucent. At the same time, at the same time, not one, not the other, both at once, neither one, nor the other. Simultaneous magic and perfect mystery. Anchoring this woman’s energy. These light, women’s energy in your body. Through your gifts, your special organs, your female organs, you can anchor that energy and distribute it to the world. This is your special operation. I give you my learning, I give you my energy, activate, activate all these centers, my key central women’s center. Anchor divine energy, anchor it to the ground. It’s the integration of divine energy with earth energy. It’s like a center. Junction. Energy transformer. The mystery of a woman. Total infatuation. I am available with my learning, with my energy and I can activate you, your center of women’s energy. Divine women of energy, divine women. Light women. To fully glow in your beauty, in your power, in your light glow. All your hair is like light threads, glowing in perfect light, your whole body glowing. Your uterus is like a hot center of infinite glowing energy. Your body is the wrapper of this glowing center, as the volcano surrenders its light energy and spreads it into the world. Through this center your entire body glows, glows, glows, glows, gives heat, light and transmits it into this world. It connects to the earth, to earth’s energy. Mother earth, uterus of the earth, let us all be born, so you are giving birth to new energy. Dedication. Earning. Divine purpose. Divine light. Calmness. Beauty. Bliss. The luminoly of all the cells in the body. Mary Magdalene, I’m here with you.