DIVE into the natural state, spaciousness and silence 

Contemplative practice in the Studio POTOP takes place weekly (on Mondays) and is – in the spirit of the simplicity of the natural state – only minimally directed in terms of the coordination of individual sections. It consists of two sets of sitting non-meditations and an intermediate movement set (tandava).

*** SITTING NONMEDITATION *** (zazen, 30 min)
Sitting non-meditation is simply sitting in the spirit of Dzogchen nonmeditation, in spontaneous openness without purpose or goal. In our awareness, we are present in accepting the suchness of the moment, allowing the not-knowing in intimacy and sincere openness as a reflection of the depth of our Being. We allow the deepening (and dissolution) into the natural state (Rigpa).

*** MOVEMENT NONMEDITATION *** (tandava, 30 min)
Movement non-meditation is inspired by the practice of Tandava (Kaula tradition of Kashmiri nondual Shaivism), which is a natural expression of the slowed down and spontaneous stretching of the body into openness and spaciousness. Movement non-meditation is supported by music.

*** SITTING NONMEDITATION *** (zazen, 30 min)
The second set of sitting non-meditation. We are present with the sensations that arise in the body and we accept the entire field of perception with openness.

The practice is not guided and is neither intended to achieve any special states or ‘achievements’, nor to heal various feelings or to change the condition in which we are in the current moment. The practice is intended for those who resonate with such an expression and can connect coherently to this form of practice in terms of a simple joy to practice without a specific goal, which maintains the spontaneity and openness of the practice.

A few links that can serve as a support to understanding the nature of the mind and as an inspiration to practice:

  1. K. Dowman: Dzogčen nemeditacija
  2. S. Suzuki: Duh zena, duh začetništva
  3. Adyashanti: The Way of Liberation
  4. D. Odier: Crazy Wisdom of the Yogini: Teachings of the Kashmiri Mahamudra Tradition
  5. A.H. Almaas: Almaas, The Alchemy of Freedom 
  6. P. Potočnik, Dreaming, Waking up and into falling into Being

The practice space is offered by Primož, about me: for a few decades, I practiced contemplative research of consciousness and numerous movement practices. I’m coordinating Studio POTOP. The practice embodies the essence of the spirit of Studio POTOP.

Additional information by e-mail primoz@potop.si or phone +386-31-239-453 (Primož)


Where: Studio POTOP, Vodnikova cesta 128, Ljubljana
When: Monday, 19:00–21:00
Contribution: 8 €
Mandatory sign-up (all available dates are open for applications):