Life's mission and gifts of life

Party question:

Channeled message:
You’re standing next to a wooden plot in front of your house. You’re working on the house. A calm, calm feeling. Home. Home is important.
Heart-filled feeling, feeling at home. Warmth, security. You like that sense of security, that warmth.
You can relax in that, calm down completely. You take slow steps. It’s like you’re searching the field.
To what the safe area can go. You like a safe zone. Because you can relax completely here.
You’re slowly searching the area. Slowly place your foot in the unknown. You’re searching the terrain because it’s a little muddy, you’re suspicious.
The mud’s going down. Slow down, slowly, put your foot down. And you dare let your foot sink into the mud, into the dark mud of the unknown.
It see through your sole. Your shoe is starting to sink. It feels uncomfortable, unknown, dangerous.
But you dare to go slow, even though your weight is still completely on the other foot, safe.
You don’t dare take the full step. Since the mud is slippery, liquid and there’s no solid foundation, there’s nowhere to step.
You’re going to go blank. You don’t think he can hold you.
You’re coming back, but this area invites you very much. You don’t quite lift your foot out of the mud.
Again, you can carry the weight again. You let your shoe sink in.
And now the mud is over the edge of the shoe and it’s ingening at your leg. You’re very uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel good.
Slowly, the mud pours into your shoe, by your leg. And your shoe is disappearing in the mud.

And now you give in completely, let go of the other foot and give yourself a full step.
And now your whole being, your whole body is slid through this mud.
You’re starting to sink in, but now you’re feeling the ecstaticness, the warmth and the love and the openness and the willingness.
You let this unknown area sink you. And you’re lithing through the mud. It sinks you completely.
You’re all right now, you’re getting into this new one. It’s dark, but down there, when you sink, there’s also a lot of light.
You stop, you breathe, you relax. It’s okay, it’s all right. And the honey light illuminates this area.
You dare, you relax completely. And you stop. And here you are creating your new safe zone.
It’s safe, it’s okay, it’s all right. You can be here. You’re allowed. You can spread it even further.
Explore now, you hope. The light is very bad. All you see is it’s a little bright, but you can’t see anything.
The feeling is not safe. It’s unknown, you can’t see anything.
But you get back on your feet. You can’t see the basis at all, but it’s solid and it supports you.
You can move, you can go someplace further, explore. You don’t have to stay here.
You can’t see anything, but the bad light is watching you and illuminates your path. She’s with you, and you’re perfectly safe.
You don’t need more than that, it’s enough to illuminate your step. All you need is a step ahead of you.
You don’t have to look any further. Take a step, take a walk. Walk across this empty expanse.

And in the distance, the silhouette of the house is displayed. You’re approaching, the silhouette of the house is approaching. And it’s inside you that you’re the feeling of home.
What if this is your home? What exactly is home?
This sense of security, can you summon a sense of home, a sense of complete security, here, in this unknown? You’re home here.
With the same plot, you can stand here, and there’s a house where you can relax, offering you complete security.
Carry that image with you, it’s something you carry with you. Your home is not a location, it is not an object, it is not an object, it is nothing.
It can only be your inner feeling that you can carry with you. You’re your own home.
You can do more in your own home, in complete security. Take that feeling with you as you move forward, across the unknown.
You don’t stop at this house with that feeling at home. Now you know it’s just a sense of security that you carry with you.
And this house is traveling with you. It’s almost like a snail’s house, with you, and it gives you all the security and support.
You feel free to move forward. You’re moving freely now.
And slowly the perception will open up and you will encounter objects, creatures, other persons.
The place is still empty, but they’re starting to show up, you feel like you’re not alone in this room.
It’s just a feeling of a shinge, the space is too big. That’s why it’s empty, but it’s densely populated. That’s where all the ropes of life. It’s rich.
Keep doing this research. Now you feel comfortable and safe. It’s okay, just move on. Take your best hope and take the next steps on your way.

You just move this way. You just move this way. This way of the unknown.
And gifts, gifts will show you along the way. They’ll be like decorations on a Christmas tree.
You’re going to walk across this new landscape, and you’re going to see a tree decorated, and you’re going to get an ornament.
He will draw your attention and enthusi Bing you with joy, and with his miraculous nature he will draw you to himself.
You’re going to get close and meet him, shake your hand at this ornament.
You’re going to be a great little girl, and these will be your gifts, which you’ll then receive along the way.
Take this ornament, this Christmas present, and then take it in, but explore, play with it.
Accept this initial energy of inspiration and explore it. You’re eking your fingers at this ornament, because that’s your gift.
And then you keep researching. You breathe that energy in and let it spread inside you.
It enters your body, just as you enter this unknown. To this unknown density.
Now you leave it and you’re open so that these gifts will see into your being and completely overwhelm you.
There could be more of these gifts. You’re walking through this beautiful landscape.
You’re in the woods now, and the trees are full of fruit. They’re like ornaments, and these are different gifts.
Take a walk, feel what draws you. What fruit do you want to eat now? That’s going to change.
Be completely in your sense. Feel what really suits you.
What feeds you? What feeds your soul? What’s for you? What’s really for you?

You’re attracted to a lot of fruit, like a mango. You get close and you bite into this juicy meat and you taste it.
Whatever it is, that’s the energy of your gift. Assimilit, assimili, receive that energy. Let it spread inside you.
It sees you, that energy is spreading through your body. He awakens, awakens, awakens you.
Bright yellow energy is spreading through your body. It fills you completely. Yellow energy.
You’re completely inundated with this yellow energy. It fills you in. You just are, and you let that yellow energy be inside you.

And there’s soft music. Gentle music, like a violin. You make this music.
You use gentle gestures to slid through the room and create a gentle vibration. The gentle sound of the violin.
You put all your feeling into that sound. The vibe you’re sending into the room. Healing vibration.
The sound is the carrier of your energy, you send your energy through that sound.
You spin your head back so your hair’s flushed. And you’re following that sound yourself.
It takes the soul forward in its power. No hesitation, no fear.
In a white robe, fluttering, with a wreath of white light on his head.
You’re moving lightly. Across the lawn, picking flowers. You’re very attracted to different flowers.
And there’s herbs in between, carefully picking herbs. You find the sage.
Curiosity drives you, you’re very drawn to it. You’re researching and collecting them. And you’re making some kind of tincture. You’re reheapping herbs.
Just as you carry and release your energy through that sound, so you know that herbs pass on their energy through their essence.
And you understand the process of enasing that essence and prepare a tincture. Because it’s all over.
It’s a very powerful preparation. Healing, opening. You’re rub your body. Your skin absorbs and works soothingly on the body.

You’re in a very hot room. In the sauna, you like that heat.
Like energy rationing, you let that heat see you. Because he’s very supportive. It suits your body very well.
You’re receiving that heat. And you’re relaxing even more. And this release, it is this release that will open your gifts.
Let yourself relax completely, you’re going down like that step in the mud.
Feel this relaxation, and when you really deepen, you go deeper into your being, you’ll get to the level where you’ll just meet your gifts. Since they’re already there, they’re waiting for you there. Feel that drop, this descent into yourself, this deepening. Heat releases you so much.
Face anything that relaxes you. Which gives you a safe space to relax and feel yourself.
And when you feel yourself, you feel your gifts.

And feel freedom. Your gift can be anything. It’s a matter of total freedom. It’s like when you walk through this forest full of fruits, that’s your freedom, choose free, what attracts you? What attracts your being?
Feel your resonance, your frequency. Feel that freedom. It’s completely open, the universe is open. And you swim in this open space.
In this freedom, in this miracle of life. And play, play. With this ornament, with your gift. You can move forward.
Everything’s open. Feel that cani0, it’s just a dance. It’s just movement in the matrix of consciousness. We’ve embraced this game, we’re playing the game, it’s easy.
There’s no hurry, we’re not going anywhere. We’re playing. You don’t have to achieve anything.
That relaxation and that ease, that’s the greatest gift you develop.
You feel like the gift is something special, something, some kind of product. Something you’re doing.
No, that’s it, it’s just this total ease and relaxation and total freedom.
It’s a gift when you’re completely in this freedom, in this freedom, that’s when you become a gift, you’re the gift of life.
Know that you’re a gift. The gift isn’t even outside of you. You become a gift. What a beauty of this opening.
When you open up, you completely open your freedom and let your creature shine in its own light.
You don’t even need an outside light. Even when you sink into this dark muddy landscape. That bad light, you don’t need any lights.
Just let your inner light shine completely. And that illuminates the whole landscape.
You’re the light, you’re a gift. Be in this love, in this acceptance, in this easyness.
Angels send you our blessing. We caress you gently, embrace you, smooth you out. And we are there available with our support, with our energy.
And we watch you gently evolve into your fullness. We admire you and are grateful that you develop your gifts.
Because you alone are just one of the many lights in this forest.
You glow in your tree, illuminate, and you’re a gift.