Dreaming, waking up and falling into Being. A scientist‘s adventures and explorations of consciousness (2022)

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I have just read the last lines of a brilliant book on dreaming, awakening and dropping into Being and Cosmic Consciousness, written in English by dr. Primož Potočnik (“Dreaming, waking up and falling into Being,” self-published, 2022).
The booklet is small in size and voluminous in content, in fact it is endless. The book impressed me with the simplicity, sincerity, insight and “non-conceptuality” because it is communicative beyond words and its concept or structure is not important at all.
The book reminded me many times of the cult book “Be Here Now” written by Ram Dass , and although I repeatedly (overly rationally) wondered during the reading of both books whether they might not be arranged or conceived differently, Primož’s introductory message flashed through me
: that the book is an inspiring mixture of experiential spiritual landscapes, poetry, reflections, and contemplations, and practical considerations designed for the explorers of consciousness to more easily vibrate in holistic resonance. His personal experience, especially from the sea, is especially valuable.
The book is concluded with four beautiful poems, such as the one about the meaning of Being, it is more important to Be than to Act:

Prof. dr. Marko Pavliha

Just Being
What is, is enough.
There’s nothing to do.
Relax, just BE.
Enjoy this miracle of Being.
Just being is enough.
I am a human being,
not a human doing.

This book is like a good appetiser for your own personal journey into the mystery. It collects the ingredients of the journey that seem like a well-discovered map of paths. It is full of resources that are delivered with soft clarity and abundant knowledge. It is written in profound quality that allows the reader enough space for personal contemplation.

Špela Peterlin – Nayeli

Primož’s book brings us tastes of endless faces of mysticism and possible realizations, and at the same time is a collection of very important information that will facilitate, inspire and enrich our journey of research. He walks through the landscapes of the spirit with incredible ease, and with each chapter, we also get a key that will help us unlock our inner room, where treasure awaits us. Such a mature book is a rare pearl that addresses us in many ways: with its uncompromising sincerity, with its astonishingly diverse spectrum of possible perceptions of reality, with its depth and at the same time sharpness of thought. It irresistibly seduces us into the audacity to unravel to the fullest and experience (and live) the secret of ourselves.

Vesna Vilar, PhD

Table of Contents

The Body
In Joy
The Flow
Man on Fire
The Dice Man
Raising Vibration
Playing with Vibration
Being Unique, Being One
Dual and Nondual Perception
The Work
The Beggar
The Dragon
The Toad
Gaia and Ra
Ecstasy and Calamity
Understanding Love
Making Love, Being Love
Fifty shades of Black
Cutting Attachments
Free Fall
Just Being
Living sculpture
About the Author


“Right now you have the opportunity.
Look for the essence of mind—this is meaningful.
When you look at the mind, there is nothing to be seen.
In this very not-seeing, you see the definitive meaning.”

—Machig Labdrön

Taking an endless inspiration from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, the book describes a metaphysical journey of a scientist “down the rabbit hole” into the depth of BEING. The book is composed of many spicy ingredients found along the way, perceptions, experiences, contemplations, and realizations.
There were many profoundly inspiring conversations with friends and morning meditations when rich materials simply began to arise. However, I never wrote it down, trying not to interfere with the flow. Until recently, when after some relaxing and inspiring time in nature, I finally happened to break the meditative flow and started writing. The writing progressed rapidly and spontaneously. It took only a few weeks to complete the book, all with joy and following the natural flow. I feel deep gratitude for being immersed in such a high vibrational creative process, which now seems like completing one chapter of life and opening to the next stretch of sailing through the uncharted waters of the miraculous Unknown.
This writing is a mixture of experiential landscapes, poetry, reflections, and contemplations, and practical considerations for the explorers of consciousness, all meant as an inspiration to evoke the vibrational resonance to dive deep into the exploration of the mystery of BEING.
My inquiry into the depth of being can be considered “fundamental research” and not “applied research” because it is not application-oriented or following a particular objective. Instead, it is a natural consequence of a spontaneous curiosity and activation of the “realization drive,” the noncausal dynamism of the Total Being to know and reflect upon itself.
As a scientist with over two decades of research in artificial neural networks and machine learning, I wish to address the scientists, engineers, and other predominantly mentally oriented people who may find inspiration and courage to release the known and familiar mental frameworks and drop down the rabbit hole into the world of feeling, openness, vulnerability and radical encounters with the depth of being—which in itself is a deeply rewarding process.
Scientists and engineers may appreciate a few technically expressed descriptions. But even more, I intend to share poetic and experiential inspirations, which ultimately open the depth of being much more than the dimensions of intellectual understanding.
Aren’t we all on the way to integrating all the pieces of what we are into complete human beings? Collecting all the broken and forgotten parts of ourselves, healing the hidden shadows, waking up the dormant shining qualities of BEING, and knowing ourselves to the core of what we are. Aren’t we led by a curiosity about who we are, what life is, and how to live life in a fulfilling and exciting way?
My inspiration is to build bridges between often sharply polarized domains of human endeavor and to infuse science with the perfume of the spirit. Because only when we deeply and intimately know ourselves until we recognize our authentic needs, which inform our aspirations in all areas of life, including science and engineering.
The writing has also been a part of my ongoing and never-ending deepening process, recapitulating the insights, experiences, received wisdom and realizations, as part of the integration and assimilation, and readiness for the next cycle of dissolution and surrender into the mysteries of the Infinity.