HRIDAYA – The Bliss of Existence

“The Heart of the man and the Heart of the Cosmos are one.”

In the middle of your chest (12 fingers from your nose), one finger on the right from this center, is the sacred cave, your spiritual heart. A few days ago, it has activated in me. OMG. I cannot comprehend how is it possible that so little is known about it?!

It activated very powerfully. It was like the burst of a hot flame in that area, burning and becoming the radiant sun. With the softest golden brilliant shine. The heat was very physical also. My hands (I was holding on my chest) became fiery from this heat. I saw it like the source of all creation. Everything is created by the Cosmic Heart. Pure Shakti. It is endlessly spewing the manifestation from the void. In the energy of pure bliss, ecstasy and love!

When you settle your attention there it is so natural. You are at home. Nothing to do. Just the purest beingness. Everything that enters this space is immediate, full, pure perfection. You just rest in the Heart as pure bliss of beingness.

You will find a vibration, a tremor there … it is pulsating.

Your mind will bow down before Hridaya. It will come to rest there. Completely satisfied and peaceful.

The streams in your body will intensify. You could feel the inner currents nurturing your vessel, electrifying you.

And there is so much mystery to discover yet! I got just glimpses of its potential. It opens up so many possibilities and magic. It is up to each individual to discover more … maybe there are secrets not to be shared.

Find your Sacred Heart!

We will bow to each other as Divine Existence, as one Heart.

– – – – –
text: Vesna Vilar

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