I am a fool you’ll see dancing

I am a fool
you’ll see dancing in deep forests
with ecstatic smile of bubbling rivers
blessing meadows, bugs and hills
calling dragons and unseen

I am a fool
who see a hidden tear in smile
who gently kiss your armored mind
who listen to the gaps in worlds
and cry at jokes that are so mean

I am that fool
who just feel, feel and feel
open like a burning skin
having nothing but a moment
always on a road to nowhere

I am that fool
licking all the tastes of life
even if the tongue is bleeding
this body is an offer
a tool of sacred sacrifice

I am a fool
with eyes wide open in the awe
consuming seer and the seen
washed with freshness at each step
standing always naked as wind

I am a fool
you can laugh at
but cannot erase my inner smile
can never shut my innocence
or leave a scar in emptiness

I am that fool
collecting cosmic timelines
in the avatar of dust
remembering that we are one –
one witness and the clay of life

I am a fool …
nobody and nothing
but rich beyond the words
standing firmly on the ground
as zero in the gravity

– – – – –
besedilo: Vesna Vilar

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