Remember, my love

Remember, my love
your body is made of the Light.
You are here to infuse
your bones, your blood, your cells
with the subtlest substance
of the glimmering air.

When you wave your hand
the whole world responds
and dances with one move
of your weightless beauty.
Use your hands to bless
a remembrance of the matter
being the endless Shine.

One day, my love
your shoulder blades will open like a lotus,
you’ll feel the wings spreading
like a wedding veil behind of you.
This is your marriage with the Life.
And you’ll sense
oh, you will sense
a shiver of the bliss
in your stretched feathers,
a full celebration of your unlocked body-world.

And you’ll walk
among forgotten kingdoms
scattering your golden dust
to heal the dreaming pains of contractions.

You’ll keep walking, my love,
walking as an angel on the Earth,
walking as an angel of the Earth.
No need anymore
to escape Home.

– – – – –
besedilo: Vesna Vilar

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