Soul’s Calling

Do you hear the call of the Soul,
it’s whispering, so gentle and subtle,
yet so radiant and intoxicating.

Hidden behind the wall of voices
of this world, so loud and sticky,
so easy to be mistaken for
the true voice of the soul.

Calling back, calling home,
through the landscapes of form,
progressively more subtle and transparent,
until reaching the blackness
of the formless.

Can you feel the warm embrace
of this breeze, so gentle and subtle,
yet so deadly and poisonous
that nothing can save you
once it starts embracing you.

Then this deadly grace starts
slowly digesting and dissolving
everything that you were,
or at least what you thought you were,
only to peel off all that was not real,
that was not real You.

But behold this trickery
of the nothingness that remains,
where you thought will be some gain
is not, and what remains is
the unmanifested blackness,
the pure land of nothingness.

Yet can it be more strange
that the great void, the unmanifested,
is actually manifesting and
expressing itself as all there is.

But it never forgets to imprint
it’s signature of emptiness
and hide it into everything that is.

So follow the call of the soul
and be dissolved into the
web of consciousness
and beyond.

Enjoy this strange game
of reaching the void
through all there is
and back from the unmanifested
to all there is.

A strange yoyo game
of nothingness expressing itself
as somethingness
and somethingness stripping off itself
as nothingness.

Because ultimately,
they are not different,
they are not two,
they are even not one.

Ah this strange beauty
of there is no ‘there is’.

by Primož Potočnik