Great Seal, Great Perfection

Just a tiny blossomin the vast fields of infinityavailable and readyalready being touchedby the light of theGREAT SEAL. This burningso fatal yet liberatingfrom inside outfrom outside incan you find the direction? There’s no wayno movementno directionno nothing. Yet the way opensspontaneouslythrough the burningof the heart. Offering itselfavailable and readyto receive the raysof nothingness andthe touch… Continue reading Great Seal, Great Perfection


The concept of SPANDA originates in the nondual tradition of Kashmir and is less known elsewhere. Abinahavagupta called spanda the “pulsation of the ecstasy of the Divine Consciousness.” It seems to be a linking quality between the energy/body/consciousness and can manifest as a “sacred tremor”. Do I know it? I don’t know. I can’t know… Continue reading SPANDA

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