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Dreaming, waking up and falling into Being. A scientist‘s adventures and explorations of consciousness.

 Avtor: Primož Potočnik  Založnik: Primož Potočnik  Objavljeno: 24 januarja, 2022  ISBN: 978-961-93056-4-5  Strani: 85  Jezik: Angleško  Cena: 15 €  Naročilo knjige

Taking an endless inspiration from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, the book describes a metaphysical journey of a scientist “down the rabbit hole” into the depth of BEING. The book is composed of many spicy ingredients found along the way, perceptions, experiences, and realizations.


This writing is a mixture of experiential landscapes, poetry, reflections, contemplations, and practical considerations for the explorers of consciousness, all meant as an inspiration to evoke the vibrational resonance to dive deep into the exploration of the mystery of BEING.


As a scientist with over two decades of research in artificial neural networks and machine learning, the author addresses the scientists, engineers, and other predominantly mentally oriented people who may find inspiration and courage to release the known and familiar mental frameworks and drop down the rabbit hole into the world of feeling, openness, vulnerability and radical encounters with the depth of being—which in itself is a deeply rewarding process.


Table of Contents

Introduction  ~  Revelation  ~  Dreaming  ~  The Body  ~  In Joy  ~  The Flow  ~  Man on Fire  ~  The Dice Man  ~  Raising Vibration  ~  Playing with Vibration  ~  Presence  ~  Being Unique, being One  ~  Dual and Nondual Perception  ~  The Work  ~  Acceptance  ~  The Beggar  ~  The Dragon  ~  The Toad  ~  Teachers  ~  Starseeds  ~  Gaia and Ra  ~  Ecstasy and Calamity  ~  Consortship  ~  Alchemy  ~  Compassion  ~  Understanding Love  ~  Making love, being Love  ~  Fifty shades of Black  ~  Cutting Attachments  ~  Free Fall  ~  Freedom  ~  Not-knowing  ~  Awakening  ~  Nonconceptuality  ~  Silence  ~  Just Being  ~  Living sculpture  ~  Epilogue  ~  References  ~  About the Author



We are fragments of a RAINBOW,
non-existent reflection
of the glitters of alive and immortal
Scattered through a prism
of SPACE and TIME,
observing our own
Only an open HEART knows
that it never meets
nothing but
A game of waves on the surface
of an endless lake

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