Bound to Be

The active side of Infinity – Beingness – is encoded to be.
Its main task is to be and to sustain and continue to be.
This is how all this is encoded, that’s how we are encoded.
The universe is universally encoded with this kind of gravity.

So we are, encoded with the gravity to be,
to sustain the fragile equilibrium just on the active side of infinity,
playing on the razor edge between being and not being.
Even if the game is seen through, the encoding remains
and the systems are bound by the rules of the game.

So wonderful and magical yet so tiring just to be,
that a daily reset is required to return to nothingness,
to dissolve into a deep sleep where nothing is.

So refreshing but not long lasting
before gravity to be pulls us back into the game,
back into this universe – the same one or maybe not?
Who knows the rules of this strange yo-yo game?

Unquestioned shadows sliding across our backs,
are we, or are we not, in this strange game?

Caught in this flip-flopping
between being and non-being,
oscillating with our own frequency,
with our own rate of Spanda,
and enjoying or not the show,
pretending that this flickering is real
and that we are – or that we aren’t.

But can you find what is real?
Can you find what IS?
And can you find what IS NOT?

So strange and enchanting.
The fragrance of autumn woods is around the corner,
and a gentle breeze brings it and carries it away.

– – – – –
by Primož Potočnik