UNBECOMING music by Wordclock https://youtu.be/5fwDE84_vHw

Follow your soul’s call
to embrace the Reality
and realize that it is really
not the call of your Soul.
It never was.

But rather the call of
the darkness deep there
buried under the layers
of meaningless glittering of
the stories which never are
and never were
anything but the hollow
breeze gently sweeping
across the empty landscapes.

So void is your true self
so beautifully transparent
to not obstruct the
shinning rays of
the black light of this
illuminating darkness.

Forget about everything
you learned so painfully
when you opened to
the depth of your wounds.
Forget about all the healing
and see clearly that there
never was anything to heal.

Realize instantly the glory
of Mahamudra
and see for yourself that
all the healing was only
the cover to protect you
from the Real.

But once you start to feel
the touch of the Real
it changes everything
and nothing.

And you cannot decide
whether you like it or not
because of its unusual taste
or rather its absence.
As if you had the choise.

See clearly that at the
bottom of all healing,
under the layers and layers
of illusion nothing is.
You dropped so deep
to only find the empty box
and even the box is about
to evaporate instantly.

Grasping for the last breaths
and struggling so much
to keep at least the envelope
of the illusion
you find out too soon
that there never was
neither the envelope
nor the illusion.

Silence takes over.
Waiting patiently in this silence
the unbecoming to complete itself
you realize that there’s nothing
to enbecome because nothing is.

So strange, sitting in the
palms of the Heart Sutra,
so full of the most intoxicating
you realize that unbecoming
is neither in time nor in space.
You silently realize that
unbecoming is already the case.

– – – – –
by Primož Potočnik