How are we supposed to work when we're not doing well?


I am archangel Michael, I embrace you with my loving presence.
With your greatness. With my ail. I fully embrace you with my compassion.
Open your heart. I reach into your heart with loving energy.
I caress your heart. I give you compassion. Feel my loving energy.
Feel my glorious energy. A magnificent presence, a loving, loving presence.
Feel my silky presence. Like a gentle mist, I pass over your creature and caress you.
I salute you. I admire you.

Relaxation, relaxation. It takes a lot of relaxation.
Exhale, drop that burden. Drop. Drop all expectations.
Surrender in god’s hands. Surrender, open your heart, jump into this unknown.
Surrender all expectations. Surrender in gratitude, in total gratitude. To this divine heart.
Feel complete gratitude, the way your divine heart supports you, it’s over you, it’s spilling over you.
Feel that gratitude. And when you’re in that gratitude, when you’re in that shining presence, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it or not.
It’s about whether you feel that love, or whether you feel that gratitude.

Don’t be yourself. Forgive yourself. You can do it, or you can’t do it, forgive yourself.
Don’t be yourself. Feel compassion, embrace with compassion.
Accept that softness. Massage your body, rub it into all the pores of your body, your being.
Feel the gratitude, as long as you are. So you can try to be here right now.
That you’re here and now. Be here and now. Just here and now.
You’re in no hurry, you’re not rushing, you’re not going anywhere, it’s not going anywhere.
Presence here and now, gratitude. Total gratitude and openness.

The shining creature spreads out and is grateful for this moment.
It’s just this moment, there’s nothing else. All it is right now.
There was nothing before, there was nothing there. Just this moment. The shining presence of this moment.
Be thankful for this moment that you are. You are, you are right now.
Be aware that there is nothing but this moment.
At this point, you can choose total gratitude, or you can be stuck in rebellion.
In his rebellion, in his stubborn insistence on something that should be, he didn’t.
Don’t pick this, never pick what’s not. Always choose who it is.
What it is right now. The shining presence of this moment.
And gratitude, total gratitude. Gratitude.

Spread the shining heart, the grateful heart into the boundlessness of this moment.
Feel the infinity of this moment. There are no boundaries.
You can spread yourself into the infinity of this moment.
You’re not going anywhere, you’re not rushing anywhere. You’re in your shining presence.
Be exactly who you are. Nothing else.
A divine being in the presence of this moment. Gratitude, gratitude.

And then you will be enthusied by divine gratitude and divine presence.
And everything that needs to happen is going to happen. What needs to open will open up.
Be grateful and fully committed to God’s hands. Totally committed.
Willing, completely soft. No resistance, no resistance.
There is no resistance to what it is, to this divine moment, to this bliss, to the presence at this moment.
No resistance. Fluidity, fluidity and softness itself. Softness, softness.

Opening, expansion. The whole head is getting bigger and opening up in this divine presence.
Infinity. Infinity. No tension. There’s nothing to limit the infinity of this moment.
No restrictions, feel that freedom, that total freedom. Freedom, absolute freedom. Infinity.
Stay in this fluidity, you can put your burden down. The burden of what you want to achieve right now.

In this gratitude, he asks the divine being to share with you his gifts. And just open your heart.
Like a gentle haze, like moisture, like a slight rain, flows into your creature’s presence.
This divine glitch, divine gifts.
And then it opens up, your being opens up and receives it, like a slight haze sipping on.
Don’t move anywhere, be here. In this presence, in this sipping of the divine nectar.
Hand it over into God’s hands. Feel your divine nature.

Feel the hollow structure of what you think you are, what you want to achieve.
Feel it all being dusted. Dust, you’re dust, just dust. Dust in God’s hands.
Humility, humility, gratitude, the infinity of this moment.
Infinite expansion, like in the big pok, you’re the beginning of a new universe.
New universe, you’re the universe, the new universe.
You spread out in the big pok of boundlessness, the infinity of this moment.
Feel that greatness. Feel that perfect beauty.

You’re just dust, dust, divine dust, glittering.
Every bit of this dust is a glimmering star.
You can feel this dust itself as a light nebula that is now rising into the divine.
And it’s divine. This dust is the stars that inhabit the new universe. You’re the universe, you’re the whole universe.
You’re dispersing in this big pok of the emerging universe.
Feel this perfection, perfection, gratitude for this perfection.

And how distant it seems, some distant dream that you wanted to achieve something.
You’d better feel that perfection and that expansion.
Return to that gratitude, never leave you with gratitude.
This should become your home. Stay in your heart, let your heart be your home.
There’s gratitude. There’s no tension there, no tension.
You don’t have to achieve anything. A grateful, open heart.

I’m infinity. Repeat that, feel it, feel it in all your beings.
I’m infinity. I’m all it is. I’m right now. The perfection of this moment.
And the divine beings and angels will come to you and hug you and pay their respects.
In love, in compassion, in admiration of your love.
And then you feel that presence and the glow of that love.

I, Archangel Michael, embrace you with my loving energy.